More Leads via Content Marketing

The importance of content marketing is increasing. In 2015, businesses in Germany and Switzerland increased their budget for content marketing compared to the previous year.

Over 40% of businesses want to generate relevance, improve their image, and strengthen bonds with customers through content marketing. In 2015, 25% of businesses also made it a goal to generate leads with content marketing (Source:

According to current benchmark studies of the Content Marketing Institute concerning B2B trends in North America, generating leads and sales will be the two most important goals in 2016. The most important metrics will be: sales lead quality (87%), sales (84%), and higher conversion rates (82%).

The success of content marketing will therefore increasingly be measured not just in terms of impressions, likes, and page views, but in hard economic metrics.

In order to increase customer base and revenues with content marketing, a documented content marketing strategy with clearly defined goals and procedures is necessary. This is currently the case with only 30% of businesses.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, in-person events, webinars, case studies, white papers, and videos are rated as the most effective tactics, but most businesses simply offer their target groups the option of signing up for blogs and newsletters.

wohlgemuth + team goes a step further for trade fair organizers. In the digital trade fair community, participants in trade fairs are motivated as members to generate their own content relevant to their branch. This content is systematically channeled to other members in order to initiate new business contacts. Lead generation and lead management are thus fixed components of the community concept. That’s a substantial added value for exhibitors, professional visitors, and trade fair organizers.

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