w+t in Moscow at the upakovka and the Interplastica 2019

We started the year 2019 well wrapped up with a visit to Moscow. Because from 28 to 30 January, as part of our cooperation with Messe Düsseldorf, we visited the Interplastica – the leading industry platform of the Moscow region which focuses on plastics processing – and the upakovka – Russia’s top industry event for packaging technology.

We produced the official print catalogue, the visitor guides and the online exhibitor directory on behalf of Messe Düsseldorf. We also provided a trade fair media shop that can handle different languages, currencies and prices.

Moscow as a modern metropolis

To be able advise and support our client directly, some of our team travelled to Russia at the end of January to act as point of contact for our products during the trade fair. Just before we arrived, 50 cm of fresh snow had fallen in Moscow. We were impressed by the speed with which the logistics sector in the Russian capital acts in such a case: on our arrival, we witnessed rows of trucks moving the snow out of the city to keep the infrastructure running.

But that was not the only thing that made an impression on us; we also loved the city’s cosmopolitan flair, its enormous and very well structured metro system, the fact that you could pay by smartphone almost

everywhere and, last but not least, Moscow’s very inviting and diverse culinary offerings. On Tuesday and Wednesday we visited the Interplastika and the upakovka, where we first went to the German Pavilion to meet the organisers of the trade fairs and of the German representatives – Messe Düsseldorf in this case.

Meeting point: German Pavilion

At the German Pavilion of the upakovka we also had the opportunity to chat to the stand construction designer and a representative of themechanical and plant engineering industry association (VDMA).

During the technical discussions on site we enjoyed the warm Russian hospitality and traditional food and drink. According to insiders, the chef of the German Pavilion in Moscow has cooked for Boris Yeltsin in the past. We were served a typical Russian meal consisting of vegetable soup, mashed potatoes and braised mushrooms – and lots of dill of course. This catering service was also available to trade fair exhibitors and their guests.

In the afternoon we met the trade fair managers of Messe Düsseldorf for Moscow who are responsible for the organisation on site as well as for the acquisition and support of the Russian exhibitors. In conclusion: Our products were very popular, there were no complaints at all and the mood among the team was relaxed and happy. The cooperation between the project teams from Moscow and Düsseldorf was a big success and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for the great teamwork.

What’s more, the upakovka industry event also hosted an extensive conference programme on the subject of environmental protection and packaging waste. Among the items on the agenda of the innovationparc were innovation talks entitled “How much does it cost to save food” or “Packaging – best practice for brands and retailers” as well as expert analyses on the current situation and discussions on future measures.

In summary: a successful project and a great visit

And this is what we learnt about the industry: visitors at both trade fairs still like to use print media – for example to find exhibitors quickly. For the round tour, most people prefer the digital visitor guide. For us, the Russia visit was extremely informative, pleasant and an excellent opportunity to expand our networks. Being able to see “live” how our products

are used is always a great experience for our team and an inspiration for new and innovative solutions from wohlgemuth + team.


We say: thank you and until next time, Moscow!