BDSV goes digital: Successful launch of an online platform for the German security and defense industry

Recently an online platform for the German Pavilions of the German Security and Defence Industry was launched. This is a variably applicable, powerful and expandable system for online data acquisition and brochure production for all BDSV trade fair participation projects.

“We are proud to be able to support the German Pavilions of the German Security and Defence Industry with digital marketing activities! – Jens Wohlgemuth

The system enables the entire workflow to be digitized – from creating a project, to collecting the exhibitor content, through to the final production of brochures. In addition, a high level of data security and data protection compliance in accordance with the GDPR is guaranteed.

The conception, programming of the back- and frontend, system integration and technical support were in our hands. In addition, we also handle the typesetting and printing of the exhibitor brochures for each trade fair participation.

The managing director of BDSV, Andreas von Büren, is also convinced: “wohlgemuth + team have provided us with a digital platform in a very short time that improves the service for our exhibitors and at the same time increases the quality of our trade fair media.”Our team is pleased about the trust placed in us and is grateful for this collaboration.