Agile Marketing

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What it means.  Why everyone is suddenly talking about it.  Why it’s a matter of course for our digital agency.

“Agile.”  According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, the word means “marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace” and “having a quick resourceful and adaptable character.”  When numerous marketing gurus suddenly demand agile marketing, one naturally asks oneself: how else is marketing supposed to be done? Continue reading “Agile Marketing”

Next Stop: Online Community

Koelnmesse is consistently developing the Matchmaking365 platform further in the direction of an online community.

Whether content marketing, brand storytelling, native advertising, user-generated content, or inbound marketing: hardly a season goes by without the marketing branch brandishing new buzzwords. But the most important question for wohlgemuth + team remains the same: which measures are appropriate for which customers? Continue reading “Next Stop: Online Community”

Multilingual and Ready for Action –
Our Sales Team

In the international trade fair business, nothing is as valuable as a native speaker who’s also a digital native.

Our reputation in digital business is valuable to us. At wohlgemuth + team, we’re proud of how we’ve always consistently – and with an orientation toward the future – advanced the digitalization and interlinking of all channels essential to B2B marketing with our multi-channel philosophy. But we’re also just as proud of the fact that we don’t have any robots staffing the telephones, and that no chatbots are dealing with your requests. Continue reading “Multilingual and Ready for Action –
Our Sales Team”

Customer Focus in B2B – For Over 15 Years

While retail business and B2C marketing have already undergone a digital transformation, B2B communication still often lags behind. At wohlgemuth + team, we’ve been putting the customer journey at the center of our focus for over 15 years and are now the vanguard with regard to Business Communities. Continue reading “Customer Focus in B2B – For Over 15 Years”

Catalog and Online Exhibitor List of the „German Group“ at the CCMT 2016 (Shanghai)

„New environment, new pattern and new action“ is the motto of this year’s machine tool trade fair CCMT in Shanghai, at which the IMAG from Munich organized the collective participation of German businesses with the mission statement „Made in Germany.“ On behalf of IMAG, wohlgemuth + team created the CCMT catalog and the online exhibitor list for the „German Group.“
Continue reading “Catalog and Online Exhibitor List of the „German Group“ at the CCMT 2016 (Shanghai)”